(562) 696.1777


How long have you been in business?

• California Hi Lites Inc. was established in 1967!

What services do you offer?

• Secondary-packaging for third parties, order fulfillment for online stores and warehousing, both ambient & temperature controlled.

What licenses do you carry?

• We have an ABC type 14 license, Organic Food license, Costco Co-packer certificate.

What allows the ABC type 14 license you to do?

• Warehouse, repack, label and handle Alcohol Beverages

Can you name some products you handle?

• Club Store Multi Packs, Subscription boxes, Gift Packs, Floor & Counter displays with amongst others: chocolates, wines, o.t.c vitamins, baking mixes, books, cd/dvd, juices, industrial items such as water filters and engine belts

What services or products do you NOT handle?

• Frozen items, fresh foods, liquid & powder fill, custom designed packaging materials (but we have great trusted sources for you!)

Are your customers USA based?

• We serve accounts from all over the world including the USA, Germany, Italy, Costa Rica, China, South Africa and Poland. We are located close to the Ports of Long Beach/Los Angeles.

Are their minimum order requirements?

• With a sample and your instructions in hand we perform a time and motion study which determines the minimum order for the project.

Why do you require a “live” sample of my product before you send me a quote?

• To protect your and our understanding of what it is you are asking us to do.

What are your payment terms?

• Net 15 unless differently specified.

Do you guarantee your price(s)?

• Price quotes are valid for 90 days; after that we reserve the right to adjust as necessary.

What is included in your price/quote?

• The quote will specify what we supply and what you supply in detail as well as price and general project info.

Do you supply custom made packaging materials?

• We have trusted sources for such which we will gladly refer you to!

Do you supply pallets?

• Yes, we can supply new and used as well as CHEP.

Do you offer shipping services?

• UPS, FEDEX and USPS make daily stops at our facility; any shipping with these or common carriers, both LTL and FTL, is done on your account.

Do we have access to our inventory?

• Yes, you do during our regular business hours.

How do you communicate inventory, shipping and receiving?

• We offer 24/7 access from any computer anywhere to your inventory and movement reports; these reports cannot be manipulated. Fully customized programs can be made available to customers with substantial annual business.

Which agencies or organizations inspect your processes?

• Los Angeles County and Health, Costco, ABC, Independent Audit, Fire Department, City of Santa Fe Springs.